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U.S. visas are available for purposes of immigrating or remaining only temporarily in the country. Immigration may be pursued either whileLaw Office of Jennifer L Hennessey outside the U.S. or while in the U.S. in some legal status. While "adjustment of status" or "change of status" refers to the latter, consular processing refers to the former.

This is an area of particular interest to our immigration attorney at the Law Office of Jennifer L. Hennessey. We can help you understand this complex process and guide you through it.

If you are seeking an immigrant visa "green card" for your spouse, you must file a family petition with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Once approved the application is forwarded to the National Visa Center and then to the U.S. consulate or embassy overseas where your spouse is located. Retaining an experienced attorney can reduce delay and frustration.

Inadmissibility and Waivers

If there is some reason a visa is not granted based on a ground of inadmissibility, we may be able to obtain a waiver if we can show that your qualifying family relative in the United States will suffer extreme hardship. Certain immigration violations, criminal history, previous misrepresentation to U.S. government officials or other situations may create a ground of inadmissibility preventing you from entering the United States. Sometimes there are waivers available that will allow the government to waive the ground of inadmissibility and allow you to enter or stay in the United States. Consular processing and waivers are extremely complicated areas of immigration law, and a licensed attorney should be consulted and hired to assist with the process.

We understand the importance and urgency of your immigration needs. Our attorney has firsthand experience with family members immigrating to the United States and understands the hardships of being separated from your loved ones.

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Contact a lawyer if you are looking for an attorney to guide you through the visa application process or obtaining a waiver or provisional waiver.

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