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Law Office of Jennifer L HennesseyStudent visas are granted to people from other countries interested in coming to the United States on a temporary basis for a college or graduate education. The application process can be time consuming and complicated. At the Law Office of Jennifer L. Hennessey, we will skillfully guide you through the necessary steps to ensure your visa application is filed correctly the first time.

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Butte County Academic Student Non-Immigrant Visa Attorney

Each category of U.S. visa is designed for a very specific purpose. There are several kinds of visas for foreign students. The three types that we most often encounter are:

  • F-1 visas: Academic student non-immigrant visa - This category is for full-time students, and the program you are enrolled in must be a degree-granting program. Your spouse and children may accompany you. You must be granted admission before applying for the visa and obtain the proper form from the school.
  • M-1 visas: Vocational - This is for more technical, non-academic programs, e.g., dental hygienist or health care technician studies. Schools must be recognized and approved by U.S. immigration authorities. There are several steps and forms to complete and submit.
  • J-1 visas: Exchange visitor visas for educational and cultural exchange programs.

Our law firm can help you with your temporary visa application, whatever your situation. If you are in the U.S. on another type of non-immigrant visa and wish to apply for an F-1, M-1, or an exchange student visa, we can advise you on the necessary steps, including taking the TOEFL exam (English exam), getting the proper forms from your school and demonstrating how your education will benefit you in your home country.

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At the Law Office of Jennifer L. Hennessey, we offer affordable, flat-rate fees for immigration matters. We know that the process is sometimes confusing, and we welcome your questions at any time throughout your case.

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